Monday, April 18, 2016

Video of Libyan MiG-23BN serial "8985" being refurbished

One weeks ago, the first photo of a former Libyan Air Force MiG-23BN being refurbished was published by this blog. Two of these "Flogger" equipped with refueling probe were stored since Libyan uprising in 2011 : serial numbers "4136" and "8985". "4136" was already seen with FLAF roundels and stored in a hangar contrary to "8985" which was stored outside. So, we could imagine that this MiG-23BN being renoved was "4136". Finally the video below show us this is serial "8985".

MiG-23BNs serial "4136" stored in a hangar with FLAF roundels and serial "8985" stored outside with green roundels of former LARAF

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