Iraq Crisis

'War Is Boring' publications :

February 28, 2018 Four Years After an ISIS Massacre, the Iraqi Air Force Opens a New Academy
February 21, 2018 Iraq’s Chinese-Made Killer Drones Are Actually Pretty Good
October 2, 2017 Iraq Got F-16s in Summer 2015 and Immediately Started Bombing ISIS
May 29, 2017 How Iraq Makes Combat Pilots
May 22, 2017 We’ve Spotted Some Secret Iraqi Spy Planes
November 28, 2016 Iraqi Army Chopper Pilot — ‘The Fighting Must Continue!’
September 5, 2016 Let’s Account for All of Iraq’s Tank-Busting Jets
August 15, 2016 Warning — MiG-25!
August 3, 2016 The Iraqi Air Force Just Got New Bomber Planes — By Arming Transports
July 4, 2016 Who was really involved in the ISIS convoy attacks near Fallujah ?

Analysis :

July 29, 2015 New DIY heavy rocket deployed by Iraqi popular mobilization unit
July 24, 2015 The discreet use of BGM-71 TOW ATGM in Iraq points to Iran
June 16, 2015 Iraqi Army Aviation used improvised base to be closer to the fighting
June 14, 2015 New drone video in Iraq lifts a corner of the veil on Iranian drone program
October 15, 2014 Iraqi Mi-28 operating in Baghdad area
September 19, 2014 Iraqi Mi-28 engaged in combat against IS ?

News :

November 8, 2017 Iraqi 9th Fighter Squadron has now 21 F-16C/Ds in its fleet
May 19, 2016 First new ‘VIPER’ from second Iraqi batch
April 22, 2016 New Aero Vodochody L-159 Advanced Light Combat Aircraft for Iraqi Air Force
April 18, 2016 Iraqi Air Force received three new Su-25s from Russia
February 2, 2016 Iraqi Air Force received a batch of two F-16IQs
December 10, 2015 Iraqi MoD confirmed first CH-4B airstrike
December 9, 2015 First airstrikes for Iraqi CH-4B UAV
November 4, 2015 Exclusive photos of Iraqi L-159s ready to be delivered in Iraq
October 12, 2015 First footage of Iraqi Air Force T-50IQ
October 10, 2015 Video - First official footages of Iraqi CH-4B UAV
September 21, 2015 Iraqi pilots train in Belarus and Pakistan
September 6, 2015 Video - Iraqi F-16IQ entered in action
February 13, 2015 Former Jordanian Mirage F1 in Iraqi Air Force ?

Battle of Tikrit :
April 16, 2015 Iraqi Army Aviation engaged in south of Kirkuk
March 28, 2015 Photos and video of Iraqi Mi-35M over Tikrit
March 26, 2015 Photos and video of Iraqi Su-25 engaged in Tikrit battle
March 13, 2015 IQAF and IAA in the battle of Tikrit
March 10, 2015 Iraqi Eurocopter EC 635 in action near Tikrit

Attrition :

May, 15, 2017 New lost for Iraqi Army Aviation in the battle of Mosul
January 4, 2017 Iraqi Army Aviation Mi-35M crashed near Baiji
October 30, 2016 Iraqi Army Aviation Bell IA-407 crashed North of Samarra
April 4, 2016 Iraqi Mi-35M crashed near al-Kut airbase
March 16, 2016 Iraqi Air Force lost a Cessna AC-208 Gran Caravan
February 17, 2016 New helicopter lost for Iraqi Army Aviation
February 16, 2016 Iraqi Army Aviation Mi-17 crashed in al-Kut city
January 5, 2016 Video of an Iraqi Mi-35M badly damaged in August 2015

Video :

February 27, 2016 Video of the first sortie of the two Iraqi Air Force L-159s led by Iraqi pilots
November 4, 2015 Video : First shot of Ingwe missile by Iraqi Eurocopter EC-635
September 24, 2015 Video : embedded onboard an Iraqi Su-25
August 24, 2015 Video of Iraqi Mi-28NE using 9M120 Ataka missile
August 18, 2015 Video : TV documentary on Iraqi Army Aviation
June 19, 2015 New photos and video of Iraqi Mi-28NE training pilots
May 23, 2015 Video - Chinook and Blackhawk from 160th SOAR in Iraq

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