Friday, April 1, 2016

"Libyan airstrikes" situation update 29 March - 1 April 2016

After the destruction of seven bulldozers/technicals during the night from 28th to 29th March by Mi-8 and Mi-35 helicopters, Libyan National Army Air Force launched new airstrikes with MiG-21MF serial number "18" equipped with two UB-16-57 S5 rocket pods and MiG-21UM loaded with two unguided bombs.

Armourer loading S-8 rockets on MiG-21MF serial number "18" on 29th March 2016 (Credit : LNA AF)

29th March 2016, MiG-21UM serial number "076" equipped with two unguided bombs has carried airstrike mission on Benghazi (Credit : LNA AF)

On 30th, Mi-35 destroyed four armed vehicles inside Derna and killed around twenty militants in the 400 neighborhood in Derna. On 31st, Colonel Mohamed M., Air Commander for Operation Dignity and Commander of Labraq airbase, carried out air combat sortie on lldwaash field hospital where full of equipment and armed cars were stationed.

31st March 2016, Col. Mohamed M. is taking off from Labraq AB onboard MiG-21UM serial number "076" to performed airstrike mission (Credit : LNA AF)

On 1st April, Mi-35s and MiG-21s from Labraq AB were engaged in Derna area. The "Hind" strike resulted in the destruction of tanks and seven armed mechanisms, while the "Fishbed" destroyed a dozen armed machinery.

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