Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The story of an Iranian F-4E that defected during Iran-Iraq war

On August 30, 1984, an Iranian F-4E from 61st TFS defected to Iraq. The pilot was Rahman Ghena'at Pisheh who brother was executed by the IRI due to political reasons. He flew in low altitude and fast speed to not permit his co-pilot, Davood Sehati Dehkharghani, to eject. The backseat crew was taken as military prisoner. The Phantom II serial 3-6552, was one of the best F-4Es of the 61st TFS at the time, which had fully operational fire control system (As you see on the video, it had missiles on board).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

IAF F-16 with most air-to-air kills retired from service

With 6,5 air-to-air kills, F-16A No. 107 of the Israeli air force is the dogfight champion of all Fighting Falcon in the world. It has been retired from service late 2014 and will be exposed in the IAF Museum in Hatzerim air base in the Negev. Since 1995, it was used as a training aircraft. In addition to his aerial victories in 1982, he participated in the raid of 7 June 1981 on the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak with pilot Major General Amos Yadlin.