Sunday, April 10, 2016

One MiG-23BN will soon enter in service with Libyan National Army Air Force

According to "Aérohisto blog" sources, one MiG-23BN will soon enter in service in Libyan National Army Air Force after being refurbished by technicians and engineers. This aircraft would be equipped with night vision system, missiles, guided bombs and refueling system ...

The new MiG-23BN refurbished by technicians and engineers during engine tests

The Libyan Air Force has already tested refueling with Mirage F1ADs and Mig-23s from Il-76T and C-130s and some MiG-23BN were equipped with refueling probe as serial number "8985" seen on the photos below.

Another one was spotted on 24 February 2011 at Tripoli and serial number "4136" was stored since Libyan uprising.

The current Libyan Air Force has no capacity of refueling. LNA AF has only one C-130 and LDAF (Libya Dawn Air Force) only one Il-76. Both aircrafts are not equipped of this system and there is no Libyan pilots who can make such operations. This MiG-23BN was not chosen for his flight refueling possibilities to be refurbished (it was probably by chance), but for the state of his cell. If that information is confirmed, it will be the second "Flogger" to enter service after serial number "26453" and after the loss of one MiG-23ML and one MiG-23UB in February.

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