Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My publication in July 2018

Dans son n°136 du mois de juillet, DSI Magazine publie mon dernier papier sur "l'utilisation des appareils de transport dans des missions de frappe". Le concept n'est pas nouveau et est intéressant sur le plan opérationnel et prend beaucoup de sens dans l’environnement budgétaire des armées d’aujourd'hui. La conversion d’avions de transport en bombardiers, si cela est réalisable, pourrait améliorer la flexibilité et offrent un meilleur rendement sur un investissement coûteux.

In its July issue, DSI Magazine publishes my latest article on "the use of transport aircraft in strike missions". The concept is not new and dates back to the Second World War. Nevertheless, it is operationally interesting and makes a lot of sense in the budgetary environment of today's armies. The conversion of transport into bomber aircraft, if operationally and technically feasible, could improve flexibility and provide a better return on a costly investment.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Libya - Weekly situation report 28 June - 4 July

Last week, Khalifa Haftar had ordered the all ports ‘liberated’ by LNA to be handed over to the Benghazi-based National Oil Corporation (NOC). U.S., UK, France and Italy in a joint statement demanded Libyan oil terminals be returned to UN-backed government. France, which has previously been seen as sympathetic to Haftar, is said to be furious with him, warning him he faces a political backlash if he continues on the current course. Following the coming of Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini on June 25th, Rome wished to open migrants sorting and detention centers in southern Libya. Despite Italian Ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Perrone denied that Italy was planning to establish a military base in southern Libya, it seems that GNA planned to re-habilitate al-Wigh airbase positioned in the south near smuggling routes from Niger and Chad and used by thousands of migrants attempting to reach the African coastline. On the humanitarian side, almost 1350 people were rescued by Libyan Coast Guards and NGO ships off Libyan coast while at least 170 died or are presumed missing. In Derna, clashes continued in the urban center, despite Marshal Haftar announced the complete liberation of the city from DPF/DMSC on June 28th. In the Oil Crescent, most the brigades that came in reinforcement following the attack by the Benghazi Defend Brigade and Ibrahim Jadhran’s militia returned to their home camps in Ajdabiya and Benghazi. The death toll for LNA in Derna increased to 89 killed for June (53 in May) and 45 killed in the Oil Crescent operations. Security Forces of Sirte announced a state of alert after receiving information about suspicious movements of ISIS militants in the valleys southern of the city. Patrols were conducted and checkpoints set up in anticipation of any attack.

This report includes :
- Situation in eastern Libya
- Situation in western Libya
- Situation in southern Libya
- Humanitarian situation (refugees/migrants)
- Political aspects
- Demining activities
- Foreign military flights