Monday, April 4, 2016

Iraqi Mi-35M crashed near al-Kut airbase

An Iraqi Army Aviation Mi-35M crashed near al-Kut airbase this morning. The two crew members (injured in the accident) have reported a technical problem. This is the fourth "Hind" helicopter lost by Iraqi forces since June 2014 and the third helicopters (of all types) since the begining of the year. On mid-2013, a contract was signed for an order of 28 Mi-35M and fifteen Mi-28NE helicopters. Twenty units have been already delivered into five batches of four : first in November 2013, the last on 26th August 2015. The sixteen remaining helicopters are in service with 35th Attack Squadron.

Photo of the wreckage of the Mi-35 crashed near al-Kut airbase (via Ra'is Urafa Fayli)

The video below shows clearly that the Mi-35 helicopter have had technical glitch. The pilot have tried to land safely with autorotation.

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