Friday, June 19, 2015

New photos and video of Iraqi Mi-28NE training pilots

Pictures and videos of "Havoc" helicopters are rare because they are involved in a limited way for the lack of readiness of the crews. These footage were taken in Camp Taji few weeks ago during training mission for new Mi-28NE pilots. Currently, many pilots of others squadrons are sollicited to make the role of navigator. These two photos below were taken by a pilot of 21st Armed Reco Squadron who were involved in these training missions.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Iraqi Army Aviation used improvised base to be closer to the fighting

During the battle of Tikrit on March, Iraqi Army Aviation used an improvised base near Samarra to support operations over the city (see IQAF and IAA in the battle of Tikrit). Other type of airstrips are used by Iraqi forces like parts of highways for maintenance and refueling. Shortly before the liberation of the city, Bell IA-407 and Mi-171E were spotted by Badr Brigade fighters on the highway east. Actually, with the increase of the number of sorties, any valid place is used to drop helicopters.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

New drone video in Iraq lifts a corner of the veil on Iranian drone program

By @green_lemonnn

If Iranian drones in Iraq are new to you, please make you sure have read Adam Rawnsley articles on this subject (1).

Since the Fall of Mosul one year ago, Iran is fully committed to the Iraqi government in his anti-"Islamic State" organization fight. On the ground, the army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC) advisors were dispatched on various fronts to support Iraqi security forces. On the air, Iranian air force occasionally bombed Islamic State positions in Diyala & Salahuddin provinces (2). Iranian drones also joined the battle in the early July 2014 (3). While it's still unclear if the drones are operated by Iranian operators, it's now well known that Iranian made drones are used under Iraqi flag (4) or directly by Popular Mobilisation units (5).

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Meeting du centenaire de la BA705 de Tours

Ce dimanche 7 juin avait lieu le meeting du centenaire de la base aérienne 705 de Tours. C'est en effet le 1er octobre 1915 qu'est créé sur le site un premier centre d'entrainement sur biplan Caudron. En 1916, les premiers volontaires américains y sont formés. L'année suivante, l’armée américaine y transfert sa propre école. Jusqu'à la seconde guerre mondiale, vont se succéder plusieurs unités équipées de Potez XV, Bréguet 14 et 19, Potez 25, Nieuport 622, puis Potez 540 et Bloch 200 en 1937. En 1952, grâce à la création d'une nouvelle piste, la base peut accueillir les Mosquito puis les Meteor du groupe "Lorraine" qui sera rejoint par les groupes "Loire" et "Champagne" l'année suivante pour former la 30ème ECTT (Escadre de Chasse Tout Temps).