Thursday, April 28, 2016

Libya Dawn Air Force Mirage F1 returned to service ?

End of afternoon, the noise of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier was heard in the sky of Misrata. According to Misrata Air Academy, this fighter jet was one of the two Mirage F1EDs of Libya Dawn Air Force which has returned to service after having passed the test flight successfully. It is unclear when this Mirage really returned to service. On 17th April, local sources claimed that the two Mirage F1EDs have carried out airstrikes against IS positions in Sirte, but according to other sources close to LDAF, only one aircraft was operational.

Mirage F1EDs serial numbers "502" and "508" were the two aircrafts that defected to Malta in February 2011 during the Libyan uprising. The photo below show serial "502" at Misrata airbase in April ; might be the overhauled aircraft .

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  1. Et concernant les Mirage F1 Irakiens, les rumeurs sur une possible livraison d'une douzaine d'appareils lancé il y a quelques années sont toujours d'actualité ?