Middle East Eye

Avions russes en Libye : que changeront les MiG de Haftar sur le terrain ?, 28 May 2020
Russian jets in Libya: Why Haftar's MiGs will 'change nothing' on the ground, 26 May 2020
La guerre par procuration entre les EAU et la Turquie se joue dans le ciel libyen, 28 Aug. 2019
How Libya's skies became battleground for UAE-Turkey proxy war, 27 Aug. 2019
Libye : comment Khalifa Haftar a construit sa machine de guerre, 20 May 2019
Libya : How Haftar built his war machine, 14 May 2019
Libyan militia building mercenary air force, claim rivals, 4 May 2017
How Emirati air power turned Haftar's Libyan oil ports disaster to victory, 21 March 2017
Libye : comment Haftar a perdu le contrôle de plusieurs ports pétroliers, with Wolfgang Pusztai, 9 March 2017
How Haftar lost the oil ports - as Libya moves closer to uncontrolled break-up, with Wolfgang Pusztai, 6 March 2017

Air & Cosmos International

Libya: Drones test laboratory for a new type of air warfare, 15 Nov. 2019

The National Interest
China’s Drones Are Taking on ISIS (And Here’s Why America Should Worry), 21 February 2018

Le Courrier du Maghreb et de l'Orient

LIBYE – Risques de conflagration dans le Croissant pétrolier, 28 November 2017
LIBYA – Risks of a conflagration in the Oil Crescent, 28 November 2017

Defense24 (DSI)

Irak et Syrie : la guerre aérienne face à l’État islamique, July-August 2017
L’Égypte et les Émirats arabes unis en guerre en Libye, May-June 2017
Combats à 18 000 pieds : la force aérienne indienne dans la guerre de Kargil, Feb.-March 2016

War Is Boring

Four Years After an ISIS Massacre, the Iraqi Air Force Opens a New Academy, 28 February 2018
Iraq’s Chinese-Made Killer Drones Are Actually Pretty Good, 21 February 2018
Egypt Launches a Major Offensive Against Islamic State, 14 February 2018
American Rushes to Help After a Storm Nearly Wipes Out the Chadian Air Force, 29 January 2018
The Libyan National Army Targets Sudanese and Chadian Militants, 25 January 2018
The Pentagon Scooped Up Soviet Weapons in Chad in 1987 and ’88, 22 January 2018
Nigeria and Allies Launch a Major Attack on Boko Haram, 17 January 2018
A U.S. Air Force C-141 Almost Got Itself Shot Down Over Chad, 10 January 2018
The Ghost Plane of Faya-Largeau, 9 January 2018
French Fighters Spent 1986 and ’87 Chasing Libyans Over Chad, 4 January 2018
In 1986, French Troops in Chad Faced Mysterious Attackers, 4 January 2018
The UAE Is Getting Ready to Deploy Jets to the Libya War, 15 December 2017
ISIS Exploits Local Conflict and Moves Back Into Libya, 24 November 2017
Jean Louis M’pele M’pele Flew Congo’s Hot-Rod French Fighter, 21 November 2017
Rival Libyan Regimes Are Busy Slaughtering Each Other, 14 November 2017
Somebody’s Popping Off Laser-Guided Shells in Libya, 13 November 2017
Someone Gave Iranian-Made Drones to Libya’s Tobruk Regime, 16 October 2017
Iraq Got F-16s in Summer 2015 and Immediately Started Bombing ISIS, 2 October 2017
Islamic State Surges in Libya, 15 September 2017
United Nations final report about Libya confirms War Is Boring's assertions, 14 June 2017
Egypt Has Joined the Air War in Libya - The skies are getting crowded, 5 June 2017
How Iraq Makes Combat Pilots, 29 May 2017
Misrata Militants Are Winning the Air War in Southwest Libya, 23 May 2017
We’ve Spotted Some Secret Iraqi Spy Planes, 22 May 2017
The Libyan National Army Is Running Out of Air Power, 17 April 2017
All Bets Are Off as a Surprise Offensive Roils the Libyan War, 6 March 2017
It Looks Like Russia Gave a Fighter Jet to Libya’s Warlord, with Wolfgang Pusztai, 1 March 2017
Emirati Fighter Jets Could Help Tip the Libyan Civil War, 6 Feb. 2017
Terrific — Libyan Militants Now Have Deadly Chinese Landmines, 16 Jan. 2017
Erik Prince’s Mercenaries Are Bombing Libya, 14 Jan. 2017
A New Civil War Could Break Out in Libya, with Wolfgang Pusztai, 11 Jan. 2017
In 1987, the French Air Force Staged a Daring Raid on Libyan Defenses, with Tom Cooper, 2 Jan. 2017
When Militants Attacked Libya’s Oil Region, Regime Aircraft Struck Back Hard, 13 Dec. 2016
Guess Who’s Bombing the Crap Out of Libya - UAE warplanes are killing civilians in Benghazi, 5 Dec. 2016
Iraqi Army Chopper Pilot — ‘The Fighting Must Continue!’, 28 Nov. 2016
Libya’s Chinook Helicopters Are Old as Hell, 14 Nov. 2016
A Fierce Air War Over Libya’s Oil Fields Has Killed Innocent Civilians, 4 Oct. 2016
It Sure Seems Like Egypt and the UAE Are at War In Libya, 29 Sept. 2016
You’re a Libyan Military Pilot Trainee — Now Who Do You Fight For?, 19 Sept. 2016
Let’s Account for All of Iraq’s Tank-Busting Jets - Counting Baghdad’s Su-25s is tricky business, 5 Sept. 2016
The LNA’s Planes and Helicopters Are Scattering Cluster Munitions Across Libya, 27 Aug. 2016
Warning — MiG-25!, 15 Aug. 2016
"The two Libyan Air Forces" Who’s backing who ?, 4 Aug. 2016
The Iraqi Air Force Just Got New Bomber Planes — By Arming Transports, 3 Aug. 2016
Libya’s Peculiar, Aerial-Refueling MiG-23s, with Tom Cooper, 6 July 2016
Iraqis and Americans Butted Heads Over the ISIS ‘Convoy Massacre’, 4 July 2016

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