Friday, July 8, 2016

"Libyan airstrikes" situation update 2 - 8 July 2016

Very little communication on air strikes this week from GNA affiliated Air Force, but many were performed each day. The main information from the LNA Air Force side, is the lost of one of its two MiG-23BNs (probably serial number '4136') and especially one of its most experienced pilots, colonel Idriss Al Obeidi well known for his low pass onboard Floggers.

LNA AF operations

On 2nd July, MiG-23ML serial '26453' carried out air raid targeting the remnants of terrorist militias south of the city of Ajdabiya near the quarries while Mi-8 of the Thunder team launched an air strike on the southern gate 18 in Ganfouda area. On 3rd, helicopters of the Thunder team performed air strikes targeting the remnants of terrorist militias in whale market axis. Early in the morning, a MiG-23BN made reconnaissance mission on concentrations of terrorist militias whale market. Later, MiG-23ML targeted mechanisms belonging to terrorist militia south of Ajdabiya while MiG-23BN and Mi-35 carried air strike on locations and concentrations of ISIS in Acyl resort surroundings.

On 6th, a MiG-23BN was probably shot down by ground fire while he was carrying airstrikes west of Benghazi killing its pilot Col. Idriss Al Obeidi. The day after, MiG-21 targeted gatherings and mechanisms near the island pipe factory.

GNA affiliated Air Forces operations

L-39s and G-2 Galebs from Misrata airbase performed many air strikes each day. On 2nd July, GNA affiliated forces announced that their Air Force carried out during the last 24 hours nine air raids targeting mechanisms and concentrations of ISIS in Sirte.

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