Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Libyan airstrikes" situation update 25 June - 1 July 2016

Two events are worth noting this week. The first is a temporary ceasefire agreement between MSCD and LNA signed by General Haftar, Agila Saleh and facilitator Basit Igtet on 27th June. The second was the overflying of Benghazi by a unidentified MQ-9 Reaper armed drone on 29th.

LNA AF operations

On 24th June evening, MiG-23BN carried out overnight reconnaissance sorties. Following these missions, early in the morning, MiG-23ML serial '26453' launched an air raid targeted the Donka company south of Ajdabiya, while Mi-17 Thunder team carried out intensive air raids targeting gatherings near the Chinese buildings and in Ganfouda axis.

On 26th, the LNA AF multiplied airstrikes :

- Mig-23ML serial '26453' targeted miltants and mechanisms south of Ajdabiya.
- Mig-23BNs targeted twice in ganfouda area and preformed night reconnaissance mission.
- Mig-21 fighter targeted a brace around the narrows resort.
- Mi-17 of the Thunder team targeted four objectifs in focus of al-Kwarshh. Two hours before the Thunder team destroyed two boats during the unloading of personnel and ammunition in front of the Nowruz resort.
- Mi-8 serial '1425' of the Thunder team targeted a vehicle near Nowruz resort

On 27th, Mi-35s and MiG-23BNs performed reconnaissance flights to secure the eastern coast. On 28th, LNA AF striked Ibrahim Jodran's armed groups in south Ajdabiya late in the night. On 30th, a Mi-35 performed an air raid on the last remaining enemy concentrations in Ganfouda and street Trees. MiG-23 also targeted in the morning terrorist groups invading south of Ajdabiya, and Mi-35 launched air raids targeting the terrorist militias in the vicinity of the pipe Factory Island.

On 1st July, Mi-8 of the Thunder team carried out in the early morning hours, concentrated air raids which targeted observatories, concentrations of ISIS and armed formations. The Thunder team with Mi-17 also renewed airstrikes in whale market in the evening.

GNA affiliated forces operations

On 25th June, fighter jets carried out five offensive sorties against the remnants of the militants, holed inside the city of Sirte, targeting gatherings and some vehicles. On 26th, ten other offensive strikes were carried out, including  by Mi-35 helicopter serial '918', on the same targets. On 27th, GNA forces continued their progress on the southern axis supported by heavy artillery and the air force that carried out five sorties targeting concentrations of ISIS in central Sirte and other nocturnal raid against holed up groups within the city of Sirte.

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