Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Libyan National Army Air Force lost one of its two MiG-23BNs

On 6th July morning, one of the two MiG-23BNs in service with 1070th Squadron of the LNA AF (Libyan National Army Air Force) crashed west of Benghazi killing its pilot Col. Idriss Al Obeidi who died of his injuries. Obeidi was well known for his low pass onboard Floggers especially over the Benina airbase runway.

The first MiG-23BN, serial '8985', made its first flight on 30th April. One of peculiarities of the two aircrafts is that both was featured with IFR probes (for more detail, read the story of the LAAF IFR probes project on War Is Boring).

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