Wednesday, December 7, 2016

No new 'Hind' helicopter for Libyan National Army

On 29 November, photos of supposed new overhauled Mi-35 gunship helicopters located at al-Marj airbase and grounded since 1994, were shared on Libyan social media. It appeared that this information is completely wrong.

One of the supposed three new Mi-35s overhauled at al-Marj airbase (via Oded Berkowitz)

New photos acquired by Aero Histo blog confirmed that this chopper was already in service in Libyan National Army Aviation. Serial number '619' seen below was acquired in April 2015 together with two other units. Indeed, United Arab Emirates purchased three Mil Mi-35Ps (serial numbers '301', '353' and '619') from Belarus, and then delivered them to the LNA/AF on 26th in Marj airbase. On 11 August 2015, serial '301' and '353' were seen in flight in GANAB near Tobruk.


  1. Interesting that the barrels of the two 30mm cannons are not present? No guns on this one then?

    1. They were present before (see the link in the post). Probably in maintenance ...