Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Libyan An-32P Firekiller returned to service

Photos appeared on Libyan social media confirmed that a new Antonov An-32P was overhauled by technician and engineer at Misrata airbase. This "Cline" (serial '3507', code '5A-DRE') was built in 2005 and delivered to the Libyan Air Force on 1st September of the same year. it was previously used as firekiller and was seen during LAVEX airshow in october 2007. Since this period, it was stored at Mitiga airbase near Tripoli. This aircraft is the second An-32P in service with the ex-LDAF (Libya Dawn Air Force). The first one was seen operated on 28th August 2016 during the evacuation of wounded fighters in the battle of Sirte.

Antonov An-32P Firekiller '5A-DRE' seen at Misrata in December 2016

Antonov An-32P Firekiller '5A-DRE' seen at Mitiga in Ocober 2007 during LAVEX airshow


  1. How can you be sure it's a second one? Is it not possible that this is the same aircraft? I just want to be sure.

    1. See the nose on the photo and the nose of the aircraft here https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-sUTP0Lzmqyg/V8iYd5mtPKI/AAAAAAAABW8/kMKa1ek3qIU5-cB6J_yQCk4WUOrOLNvBwCLcB/s640/14068292_950296538426969_2478804010550480907_n.jpg

  2. Des bombardiers d'eau en Libye ? Transformé en transport ?