Saturday, December 10, 2016

Libyan cadets graduated in PAF Academy will join the LNA Air Force

On 8th December, Libyan cadets studying in Pakistan Air Force Academy for four years were graduated during an official ceremony. According to Libyan social media, all of them will join the Libyan National Army Air Force.

In a previous article published on War Is Boring on 19th September, I had already mentioned the training of these cadets in Pakistan. 99 of them traveled before the split between Tobruk and Tripoli in 2014. At this period, the problem was which air force they will join after their graduation ... A lack of payment compelled 44 cadets to return home, leaving just 55 in Pakistan as of December 2015. Payment continued to be a problem. But as of August 2016, at least nine - now we can say more regarding the photos of the ceremony of graduation - Libyan cadets remained in the Pakistani air force academy’s Transport Conversion School based at Chaklala. The fact that Libyan cadets are still studying in Pakistan indicates that someone at least partially solved the payment problem ... we can say now that this "someone" is the Tobruk government ...


  1. Good to see they are still getting professional training with a blooded experienced combatant air force. I would guess one or two rich Packistani sponsors are aiding their training too. Good to see a new generation will be coming back after their training to protect their own country, with more knowledge what they are doing and why, than the foreign forces involved in country. I know there are a lot of political and loyalty suspicions and questions, but I believe the Libyans can sort out their own country, far better than the foreign coalition. Bien fait, bonne chance et courage mes braves. I am ex pat Northern Irish living in northern France, and follow these conflicts closely. I am not of the same racist level of the average French person. I would like to see an amicable peace between all north African, and middle eastern countries, and the Occidentals, to give them the freedom, to establish their own governments, with minimal interferance. Islam is a great respected religion, but fanatacists try to hijack it and warp it for their own personal reasons, and crack down hard on everyone, including the faithful, who have done nothing but follow their faith. I have read several translations of the Koran/Quran, and the ISIS/ISIL/Daesch version is not Islam - a strong protective religion yes, but not belligerent, anti other religions, it preaches respect for other religions (like Buddism, Taoism, Christianity, etc). Fight the fight for the country and the people in Lybia, not a stupid you're not one of us you're the other, you must be exterminated, and wiped from the face of the Earth!! Rise as an example of the best of north Africia again, and throw aside this stupid Daesch crap. Continue to be fidel to Islam, but not the false version, and be puppets of charlatains.

    1. Thank u. Good to some enlightened Westerners who are concerned about our well being.