Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Libyan airstrikes" situation update 4 - 10 June 2016

GNA forces offensive against ISIS in Sirte

GNA affiliated forces continued their offensive in Sirte last week capturing key points near the city. On 4th June, Misrata militia captured Al Gardabiya airbase. Shortly before, the GNA Air Force performed five successful airstrikes in Al Gardabiya, Abu Hadi and south of Sirte. Libyan fighter jets carried out five other strikes against concentrations of ISIS militants in the vicinity of runway 17. Another five strikes were made against militants fleeing from Al Gardabiya airbase, bringing the number of offensive sorties to ten.

Pictures of airstrikes from LDAF on ISIS positions west of Al-Gardabiya base, south of Sirte (approx 20 km)

On 5th June, Mi-35 serial '918' returned to service and entered in action in Sirte. On 8th, GNA AF carried out nine air raids targeting ISIS gatherings in Taqrvat Camp, Galt camp, Abu Hadi Island, Junction Abu Hadi, Dahir, a truck bomb. The day after, L-39s carried out four missions in Sirte and Mi-35 serial '918' performed two combat sorties. Two other strikes targeted gatherings inside a farm southwest of Sirte neighborhood. On 10th, six airstrikes were performed near Abu Hadi Island. On 11th, GNA affiliated forces captured the port east of Sirte, slowly cutting off all supply lines for ISIS in Sirte.

LNA AF operations

On 4th June, the LNA AF take delivery at al-Watiya airbase of Il-76TD serial '5A-DRS' returned to service after maintenance in Sudan.

The same day, LNA AF fighter jets carried out a series of air raids in the cities of Benghazi and Derna : MiG-21 targeted al-Sabri axis, while Mi-8/Mi-17 from 'Thunder team' bombed an ammunition store in the whale market sites, booby-trapped by terrorist groups to be an obstacle to progress of the ground forces. MiG-23BN aircraft also targeted a barricade near the gate of the city of Derna.

On 5th June, 'Thunder team' carried out six raids in the morning in Tmihda to support ground forces in central al-Sabri whale market, MiG-23NB and Mi-35 performed other air raids in the same area. More airstrikes were carried out in Derna.

On 8th, a Mig 23BN pounded strongholds of extremist groups in al-Sabri whale market axis. the day after, MiG-23BNs carried out intensive air raids on gathering of ISIS and its allies nearby municipal axis of al-Saberi and on stationing mechanisms and members of the western entrance to the city of Derna.

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