Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Libyan airstrikes" situation update 28 May - 3 June 2016

During this week, the GNA Air Force intensified its airstrikes against ISIS positions in Sirte in support of ground troops. It was during one of these air raids that a Mirage F1ED crashed 30 km west of the city of Sirte due to a fuel pump failure. GNA has also lost an air ambulance Mi-8T (serial number '8334') that crashed near Zuwara, west of Tripoli without casualties yesterday.

GNA operations

On 28th May, fighter jets belonging to GNA bombed ISIS positions western Sirte. The same day, at 7:35 pm, the Mirage F1ED targeted a truck bomb in the sweeping area of Sirte. This airstrike was confirmed by ISIS media footage. On 30th, GNA AF implemented five offensive missions against ISIS gatherings in Sirte and carried out eight sorties on 31st targeting enemy concentrations eastern gate 30 of Sirte. On 2nd and 3rd, two aircrafts crashed due to mechanical failure : the sole Mirage F1ED operational and one Mi-8T.

LNA AF operations

On 29th May, the Turkish company in Derna was striked by LNA AF. Helicopters implemented late in the night a series of air raids on targets belonging to ISIS and his allies in Central al-Sabri whale market. They renewed the strikes in the early morning hours of the 30th, targeting concentrations and locations of terrorist groups in the whale market. The same day, aircrafts taking off from Labraq airbase intensified bombings on Derna.

The Turkish company in Derna striked by LNA AF on 29th May

On 31st, helicopters carried out in the early morning hours, intensive air raids targeting three objectives in the pipe factory and a objective in the customs area of Ganfouda. A MiG-23BN performed airstrike in Ganfouda area at night.

On 1st June, the strikes carried out by aircrafts coincided with the progress of the armed forces for the control of the last stronghold of ISIS and its allies in the western axis : MiG-21s targeted a site through al-Vakat area, while helicopters implemented air strikes surroundings Island pipe factory and targeted Bossnab area. In the evening, a MiG-23BN targeted locations and concentrations of terrorists in al-Vakat area. On 2nd, MiG-21s carried out air raids targeting the court where were individuals and mechanisms and targeted the trees Street in the vicinity al-Kwarshh.

In the early morning hours of 3rd June, LNA AF fighter jets carried out air strikes against  locations and concentrations of ISIS and its allies : MiG-23s bombed a location near Nowruz resort; MiG-21s targeted mechanisms in trees Street; helicopters launched a series of air raids in the vicinity of the pipe Factory Island.

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