Thursday, June 14, 2018

Libya - Weekly situation report 7-13 June

The rapid progress of Haftar's troops in the Derna campaign has allowed a third of the thirty brigades to be disengaged. Nevertheless, the operations are not completed since fighting persists in the urban center. DPF militants have launched several suicide missions via SVIEDs on LNA positions in eastern Shiha neighbourhood. At least 20 LNA members were killed this week in Derna increasing the death toll to almost 87 since the beginning of the offensive. Part of the units that left the area were reassigned to other fronts, notably in the Oil Crescent which have been put on state of emergency on June 11th following reports claiming Saraya Defend Benghazi militants (also called Benghazi Defend Brigade) were prepared an attack on the oil terminals. Air strikes were carried out 60km south of Sirte city on 12th. Foreign aerial activities close to Libyan coast and over the country suggest that the threats on the oil infrastructure were taken very seriously. Indeed, French and US Boeing C-135 tankers performed refuelled missions the day of the strikes. Moreover, CAE Aviation’s King Air 350 ISR aircraft based at Al-Khadim is used to monitor the area. This aircraft was previously engaged over Derna the past month. The threat was confirmed on Thursday 14th when ‘Benghazi Defence Brigades’ (BDB) backed by tribal fighters led by Ibrahim Jadhran attacked As-Sidra terminal which was closed. In Western Libya, Grand Mufti Sadiq al-Gharian condemned France and UAE support for LNA in Derna and called for Jihad and rising money against them.

This report includes :
- Situation in eastern Libya
- Situation in southern Libya
- Situation in western Libya
- Coast guards activities
- Foreign military flights
- Demining activities


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