Thursday, June 28, 2018

Libya - Weekly situation report 21 - 27 June 2018

Fighting are still going on in the urban center of Derna city. Remnants of DPF/DMSC harassed LNA units with SVBIEDs. 10 LNA members were killed in the city as a result of the final operations to control the city increasing the death toll to 80 killed for June in LNA ranks in Derna (53 killed in May). In the Oil Crescent, Marshall Khalifa Haftar ordered the launch of a counter-offensive operation against the ‘Benghazi Defence Brigades’ (BDB) backed by tribal fighters led by Ibrahim Jadhran and Chadian mercenaries. In one day, LNA forces retook the control of the oil infrastructures thanks to UAE support and probably France with ISR. Marshall Haftar lost 25 of his men due to clashes in the Oil Crescent bringing the total number of killed to 44. In Tripoli, tension is still high. The fear of confrontation between armed forces possibly the 301st Brigade and Abdul Ghani Al-Kikli's (“Ghneiwa”) militia on the airport road increases. On the political aspect, LNA spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari stated that Khalifa Haftar had ordered the all ports ‘liberated’ by LNA to be handed over to the Benghazi-based National Oil Corporation (NOC). U.S., UK, France and Italy in a joint statement demanded Libyan oil terminals be returned to UN-backed government. Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini came in Tripoli to discuss migration with Interior Minister, Abdel Salam Ashour.

This report includes :
- Situation in eastern Libya
- Situation in the Oil Crescent
- Situation in western Libya
- Situation in southern Libya
- Humanitarian situation (refugees/migrants)
- Political aspects
- Demining activities
- Foreign military flights


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