Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Iraqi 9th Fighter Squadron has now 21 F-16C/Ds in its fleet

On November 2nd, 2017, Iraqi Air Force's 9th Fighter Squadron took delivery of a new batch of three F-16Cs increasing to twenty one the total of Vipers in service on Iraqi territory. The first four F-16C/Ds arrived in Iraq on July 13th, 2015. Four days before, two single-seater (serial numbers 1607 and 1610), and two two-seaters (serial numbers 1601 and 1604) took off from Tucson and landed at Lajes in the Azores the same day. They landed at Balad AB on July 13th where they joined the new 9th Fighter Squadron. Two months later, they carried out their first combat missions against Islamic State militants. Twenty one aircraft is now enough to sustain intensive operations against ISIS.


  1. On à eu des retours d'expériences intéressants avec ces machines ? Les irakiens les ont bien prit en main ?

    1. Les irakiens sont plutôt satisfaits. Le 9th Fighter Squadron a participé activement à la campagne de Mossoul.

  2. Je suis tombé à l'instant sur un article de l'agence de presse turque sur cette livraison; Regardé la photo d'illustration :)