Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Who plagiarize who Mr Taghvaee ?

Following the publication of my article about Iraqi Su-25s on War Is Boring, Mr Babak Taghvaee accused me to have used his work without his permission and not have given the sources. I know Mr Taghvaee since at least two years. He is an Iranian author and journalist specialized in military aviation. We have always exchanged about Middle East Air Forces and Conflicts, especially Iraq and Syria, and more recently Libya. We have often exchanged on ACIG forum and by mail. In April 2015 issue of Combat Aircraft Monthly Magazine, I published an "Air Power Review" article about the new Iraqi Air Force using Mr Taghvaee's information about the ex-Iranian Frogfoot with his permission. At the end of the article I have of course thanked him for his help.

When I started working on the book "Iraqi Air Power Reborn", our exchanges about the Iraqi Air Force and Iraqi Army Aviation had increased. Most of the information were shared by email (data, serial numbers, photos, etc.) representing hundreds of messages. It was a collaborative work, he gave me some infos and I gave him other infos, hard to know who has given a first info to the other ... Mr Taghvaee gave me permission to use his data for the book as I did too for his articles, so he used one of my high resolution picture of Iraqi Su-25 for his piece about "Air War over Tikrit" in June Issue of Combat Aircrfat Monthly.

In the aknowledgments page of the book, I mentioned Mr Taghvaee as many other journalists, authors and researchers who helped me. I also mentioned the sources notably, two articles of Mr Taghvaee in Combat Aircraft Monthly magazine.

For the article on War Is Boring, I only used my book as source and new stuff since last April … I have not mentioned all the sources used to write the book for such article, the source is the book who mentioned itself all the reference. Seeing all of this, these accusations of plagiarisation are unfounded. The name of Mr Taghvaee was finally added to the War Is Boring article as co-author ... I should have asked some editors to add my name to his articles too (humour).

Mr Taghvaee blocked me on Twitter in June 2016 as I was defending a colleague whom he was doing misinformation. He deleted his messages since ...

Last weekend I have read the October issue of Combat Aircraft Monthly in particular the article of Mr Taghvaee about the US airstrikes in Sirte called “BLACK KNIGHTS OVER LIBYA” ... ooohhh what a surprise ! After having read the first two pages of the story, I found many info written on my blog on my “Libyan airstrikes situation update” posts. Firstly I have laughed and I didn’t mind … but following Mr Taghvaee's accusation, I couldn't …

So who plagiarize who Mr Taghvaee ?


  1. I read both articles, and clearly saw your acknowledgements, and the fact you had supplimentry info and photos. A little bitchy. You gave credit where it was due Sir.

  2. Don't worry about him,he is idiot who is not capable to say anything without put his propaganda in it..and what to say about men who seek for war in his coutry and want to put baack dictatorship on power..I understand when people want more freedom but seek to put back on power dictatrship..well..and who normal would push West and Israel to attack his own country..also it is interesting that everything He said about Iran has proven to be pure fake propaganda...and when someone dare to chalenge him....well...I like his claims about being one of expert who worked on Iran fighter modernization..like F-4..when everyone knows he fled country long time ago and even when being in Iran couldn't get even close to anywhere IRIAF..just lies from him...be carefull