Monday, September 19, 2016

"Libyan airstrikes" situation update 1 - 18 September 2016

The first two weeks of September saw an increassing use of cluster bombs by Libyan National Army Air Force in Benghazi and the Oil Crescent which was captured between 11 and 13. No airstrikes were reported by Misrata Operation Room which is still supported by US bombings since 1st August. 

On 12, the LNA/AF targeted a moving convoy trying to approach the Ras Lanuf region of the east of the city. The day after, Mi-35 helicopters targeted objectives near the Turkish company in Ganfouda area. The air force has also carried out armed reconnaissance sorties in the Oil Crescent in order to accompany the advance of the troops westward to secure the oil area. On 15, MiG-23 performed concentrated air raid on the remains of supposed IS militants near European hospital surroundings the Tree street. On 17, Mi-35 helicopter carried out armed reconnaissance flight in the city of Derna, followed by an air strike of a MiG 21 which targeted the farm at the western entrance.

On 18, a SDB (Saraya Defend Benghazi) convoy attempted to attack Sidra oil terminal in the overnight. PFG (Petroleum Facilities Guard) and SDB claimed control of Sidra and the residential area in Ras Lanuf. LNA/AF participated in the repelling of the militias attack on oil fields, which were targeted by the MiG-23BN, MiG-23ML, MiG-21s and and Mi-35s between 2:00 AM at night until 1:00 PM causing the withdrawal of these militias beyond Bin Jawad area. In parallel to PFG counteroffensive on Sidra and Ras Lanuf, LNA reported the seize of al-Jufrah airbase. The LNA also advanced further west towards Nawfaliyah under heavy air support in Sidra in effort to push out threat to oil terminals.

The following day of the clashes, Defence Ministry of the GNA (Government of National Accord) claimed that foreign warplanes (*) have played a key role in defeating PFG forces. But, there is no evidence of such support, indeed, LNA/AF MiG-21/23s and Mi-35s were engaged all the day to repel the attack and haven't need foreign airstrikes.

(*) contrary to what is written in the same article, no airstrike were performed in July by French warplanes ...


  1. Peut-être avez-vous vu cette image (source : AFP), elle semble montrer que la Fajr Libya dispose de beaucoup plus de L-39 que prévu

    1. Oui une dizaine d'appareils dont cinq/six remis en service en juillet après rénovation de plusieurs mois.