Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My publications in May

This month, I published an article in May-June issue of DSI Magazines about airpower during the seconde Libyan civil war. I describe the order of battle of the two air forces : LNA AF (Libyan National Army Air Force) in the side of Tobruk government, recognized by international authorities, and LDAF (Libya dawn Air Force) in the side of Tripoli government and Fajr Libya militias. I also contributed to Combat Aircraft Monthly in the "News world" chapter with a short article on the Su-25s delivered to Iraq.

Ce mois-ci, j'ai publié un article dans le numéro de mai-Juin de DSI Magazines au sujet de la puissance aérienne durant la seconde guerre civile libyenne . J'y décris l'ordre de bataille des deux forces aériennes: LNA AF (Libyan National Army Air Force) du côté du gouvernement Tobrouk, reconnue par les instances internationales, et LDAF (Libya dawn Air Force) du côté du gouvernement de Tripoli et les milices de Fajr Libya . J'ai aussi contribué aux actualités dans Combat Aircraft Monthly avec un court article à propos des derniers Su-25 livrés à l'Iraq.

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  1. Bien fait. Well done. As an Anglo (Northern Irish - so I do know a little about wars, and conflicts, and confusing and changing alliances) living in France I read some of these French aero mags. Annoyed i've missed all but one of your articles up until now! Keep plugging away biloute. Great stuff. You are in such a great position to report on a little known, but fascinating corner of an almost continual series of major and minor air wars, in your corner of the world. Good luck for acceptance, and publication of your next articles.