Thursday, May 5, 2016

Libyan National Army Air Force has now two MiG-23BNs operational

After the first flight of MiG-23BN serial number "8985" performed on 30th April, it is the turn of the serial number "4136" to fly for the first time on 4th May in the sky after ten years of storage. The refurbishing of these two aircrafts, which must be added the MiG-23ML serial number "26453", allows the LNA AF to regain the number of Flogger equivalent at the end of last year before losing its entire fleet in a month and a half.

Two other MiG-23MLDs are also airworthy in Libya Dawn Air Force. On 3rd May, while LNA forces based in Zallah was reportedly come under attack by forces led by Zaid Bala'am through Jufrah (Misrata allied forces), the LDAF Floggers, deployed to Al-Jufrah airbase one week before, took off and targeted LNA forces near Zillah. The two sides supposed to form a coalition against ISIS in Sirte were once more clashing against each other ...

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