Friday, March 18, 2016

Libyan National Army uses Agusta A109 helicopters for recce and assisting bombing missions

Two days ago, this blog published the video of Mi-8 and Mi-35 airstrikes in Benghazi seen through the FLIR of two unidentified aircrafts. It seems that one of these aircrafts was an Agusta A109 helicopters in service in the Police. Libyan National Army uses them for recce and assisting bombing missions against terrorist groups.

Mi-8T seen through the FLIR of an Agusta A109 helicopter during a bombing mission

The video below was taken by a Police A109 pilot as he assisted a Mi-8T to identify targets. It is unclear how many A109 helicopters are still operational. AgustaWestland has supplied ten A109 Powers for border patrol duties in Libya, as part of an $87 million program (signed in 2006) intended to establish a domestic aerospace industry.The first helicopter was delivered in 2007. At least three of them were lost : one was shot down on February 23rd, 2011 during the Libyan uprising, two others were destroyed on the ground at Tripoli IAP on July 14th, 2014 during "Libya Dawn operation". Four were spotted in good shape in 2013. In 1999 the Air Force Academy at Misrata was still operating a number of Agusta A 109A Hirundo helicopters that are now no longer in service.

Four Agusta A109s were stored in good shape in 2013

Badly damaged and destroyed Agusta A109s serial "5A-DTC" and "5A-DTI" seen at Tripoli IAP in July 2014


  1. Article mit en réf sur celui concernant l'Agusta A.109 du wiki.

  2. Have you seen these pictures yet?

  3. I think these are from the inside of a Libyan Mi-8/17. Thought it was interesting that they've added a floor hatch for strafing and dropping mortar bombs.