Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Exclusive footage of Libyan National Army Mi-8 and Mi-35 engaged against terrorist groups in Benghazi

Yesterday, the Libyan National Army Air Force published a video showing the supposed airstrikes mission of two helicopters against Kharijites and Qaibdna terrorists group in Benghazi. At the begining of the video, a Mi-8T equipped with French made 250kg Type 25A1 SAMP aerial unguided bomb can be seen together with the Mi-35 serial #858, a former LAF "Hind". At 00:50, a Mi-35P (one of the last delivered by U.A.E. in April 2015) is taking off, while a Air Ambulance Mi-8 and an armed "Hip" do the same at 01:05 and 01:15. These helicopters are probably not the same seen in the rest of this video montage. Starting 02:08, static footage of the FLIR of an unidentify aircraft (Mi-8 ? Mi-35 ?) show a precision strike against a building occuped by militants (a tank can be seen nearby). The last part of the video is the supposed strike back off the two helicopters (in fact another montage).

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