Monday, February 8, 2016

MiG-23ML from Libyan Air Force shot down over Derna ?

On Sunday morning February 7th, 2016, unidentified aircrafts striked the city of Derna. Bab Tobruk District and an area controlled by Shura Council were targeted killing four civilian and two fighters. According to some sources, the airstrikes have hit ammunition and weapons stored in residential area by DMSC (Derna Mujahedeen Shura Council) resulting in huge explosions. Colonel Muftah Hamza from LNA (Libya National Army) denied all the rumors that say that the Libyan Air Force was behind these attacks. Egypt or Emirates Air Force were suspected for the bombings. Today, MiG-23ML serial "6132" from Tobruk carrying out strikes on Derna was hit by DMSC and the pilot, colonel Younes Al-Dinali ejected safety. Later, this pilot claimed that its aircrafts suffered technical malfunction led to a fire in the engine. This events confirmed that the unknown jets were finally aircrafts from Libyan Air Force contrary to what was told by LNA. On January 4th, another MiG-23ML (serial "6472") crashed due to technical problemes and the pilot was safe.

Photos and video of the wreckage of MiG-23ML serial "6132" crashed near Derna

 On January 10th, others unidentified aircrafts carried out airstrikes in Sirte and Bin Jawad. First, the Libyan National Army (LNA) claimed that these fighter jets flew from France, but these bombings were provided by MiG-23MLD from Libya Dawn Air Force (See : Airstrikes against ISIS in Sirte and Bin Jawad were carried out by Libyan aircrafts, not French)

MiG-23MLD from Libya Dawn Air Force

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