Sunday, February 28, 2016

Libyan National Army Air Force MiG-23ML serial #26453 entered in service

As already written on this blog, mechanicians began engine tests on the new MiG-23ML serial #26453 mid-February. Yesterday, this new "Flogger" entered in service in the LNA AF fleet. According to some Libyan militaries, this aircraft made its first flight at Tobruk air base, but no photo or video can prove such information at that time.

Alongside the refurbish of this MiG-23, mechanics are involved in maintenance of two Fishbeds : MiG-21MF serial # 27 and MiG-21bis serial # 614.

The Air Force is fully engaged in operation "blood of the martyr" launched by LNA against Benghazi Islamist militia groups’ bases from 20 February. As the mechanicians, the armorers are very sollicited to keep operational all the aircrafts and helicopters in order to maintain pressure against IS and Islamist militants. Yesterday, massive air raids targeted the sites of terrorist militias in central Qnfodh and Hawari near the cement plant.


  1. Les mécanos cannibalisent les avions sur place ou reçoivent t'ils des pièces d’Égypte ou ailleurs ?

    1. Don gracieux ou moyennant finances :)

      Sinon, avec tout le matériel militaire qui traine dans le pays, on voit encore des bricolages digne de ''Mad Max'' :