Monday, January 11, 2016

Airstrikes against ISIS in Sirte and Bin Jawad were carried out by Libyan aircrafts, not French

On Sunday, January 10th 2016, unidentified aircrafts carried out airstrikes against Islamique State position in Sirte and Bin Jawad. The Libyan National Army (LNA) claimed that these fighter jets flew from France, but French Ministry of Defense denied this information. In fact, these bombings were provided by airplanes that took off from Misrata Air Force Academy. This airbase is in the hands of Libya Dawn (or Fajr Libya) Air Force. Aircrafts involved were the two Mig-23MLDs in service in Tripoli government side. Beginning December 2014, a group of Ukrainian technicians from Odessa ARZ restored these two Floggers. Libya Dawn also managed to get a few R-24s (AA-7 "Apex") and R-60s (AA-8 "Aphid") missiles back to operational condition for their Mig-23MLDs. The "Libya Dawn Air Force" has two Mirage F1EDs, five G-2 Galebs, one J-21 Jastreb, two Mig-23MLDs, six SF-260 and one Mi-35 operational.

The photo below taken on Sunday, show one of the two Mig-23MLDs carrying one OFAB-250 unguided bomb with these words written on it : "Operation on behalf of martyrdom al Zliten".

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