Thursday, March 26, 2015

Photos and video of Iraqi Su-25 engaged in Tikrit battle

The first series of six photos of Iraqi Air Force Su-25 was taken at Al Rashid airbase near Baghdad by Rod Nordland (Foreign Correspondent for NYT). Three different "Frogfoot" can be seen. The first one is a former-Iranian Su-25UBKM delivered on July 2014 and coded "2500", the two others are former-Russian Su-25SM coded "2520" (c/n 03124 delivered on June 28) and "2522".On the video, Su-25SM "2520" is preparing to take off for a bombing mission over Tikrit. It carries two external fuel tanks and four FAB-250 bombs.

Former Iranian Su-25UBKM "2500"

Former Russian Su-25SM "2522" is visible on the backgroud

Former Russian  Su-25SM "2520"

Iraqi defense minister Khalid Al Obaidi poses in Su-25UBKM

Su-25SM carrying FAB-250 bombs

This second series of nine pictures is from Iraqi MoD. On the video of Iraqi Mod, former Iranian Su-25KM "2513" can be seen.

Special thanks to Rod Nordland for the photos and discussions

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