Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Iraqi Eurocopter EC 635 in action near Tikrit

The video below, taken by an Iraqi pilot, shows one Iraqi Army Aviation Eurocopter EC 635 from 55th Attack Squadron in action near Tikrit. It is armed of FN Herstal HMP-400 with 12.7 mm machine gun and with Hydra rocket launchers. On 25 March 2009, Iraqi Ministry of Defense ordered 24 Eurocopter helicopters EC 635 T2 + to France. The first two were delivered to Iraq, on Al Taji AB on June 18, 2010.

Special thanks to Green Lemon for this video


  1. Je n'avais pas remarqué qu'Herstal fabrique des pods pour hélicoptères. L'arme est une dérivée de la M2 ?

    1. Selon "aviationsmilitaires.net" le canon est un Browning M2