Thursday, April 12, 2018

Libya - Weekly situation report 5-11 April

Field-Marshall Khalifa Haftar was announced hospitalizing in Paris. In southern Libya, the LNA’s 6th Infantry Brigade declared a unilateral ceasefire. The Tebu Council of Elders said they had agreed to a ceasefire due to efforts made by Fezzan towns/villages Council of Elders throughout the previous week. Fighting intensified in eastern Libya between LNA and Derna Mujahideen Shura Council. LNA has sent reinforcements toward the city : the 106th, 128th, 155th, 166th Infantry Brigade and the Tariq Bin Ziyad Brigade were ordered to go in the area. A large number of tanks (including T-55s) and tank-transporters have been deployed for the "final" battle announced by the LNA for several days.

This report includes :
- Situation in southern Libya
- Situation in eastern Libya
- Situation in western Libya
- Coast guards activities
- Foreign military flights
- Demining activities

To access to the full PDF report (1,483 words, 12 pages), please contact Arnaud Delalande

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