Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Russia has provided at least one fighter jet to Libya National Army

By Arnaud Delalande and Wolfgang Pusztai

On Feb. 24, 2017, photographs taken by Libyan National Army Air Force technicians — and which appeared on social media — revealed that Russia appears to have supplied at least one warplane to forces under the command of Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Haftar’s army, concentrated in eastern Libya and based in Tobruk, is the chief rival of the U.N.-backed Government of National Accord based in the western capital of Tripoli. The 73-year-old marshal, who once lived in exile near the CIA headquarters in Virginia, has received military support from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries.

And, as the evidence strongly suggests, Russia as well.


  1. Based on the tail shape, it should be a MiG-23M (M, MF, MS) or MiG-23UB as the line is not straight as it should be in a MiG-23ML (ML, MLA, MLD).

  2. Avec l'étoile rouge ? Ils n'ont pas eu le temps de passé un coup de peinture pour que cela soit plus discret comme livraison ? :)

    1. 1- Ils n'avaient sans doute pas prévu que les libyens publieraient de telles photos
      2- Peut-être un message à faire passer aux pays occidentaux ;)