Sunday, January 15, 2017

LNA Air Force has now only one 'Flogger' in its fleet

Today, Libyan National Army Air Force lost its sole MiG-23ML in service, serial number '26453'. According to LNA Spox, the aircraft was shot down and crashed in Ganfouda / Bosnib area in Benghazi. The pilot, Colonel Younes Aldinạli, ejected, but suffered of a broken ankle on the left foot and some bruises. MiG-23ML '26453' entered in service in February 2016 soon after the lost of three others 'Flogger' in two months. Two MiG-23BNs were added to the fleet in April and May, but serial '8985 crashed on 6 July.

Two new 'Flogger' are currently being overhauled : MiG-23UB serial '8008' and one MiG-23BN. With only one 'Flogger' and a few MiG-21s operational, it will difficult to maintain a real NFZ as LNA announced beginning January ...


  1. I hope he recovers soon, and is back in the fight. Good luck to the rest of the free fliers of your country, and I hope soon you gain liberty from the false Jihadists, and regain your freedom, and do not need foreign forces on your sovereign land. I am ex pat Northern Irish, living in France, and follow developments regularly, mainly because of the French involvement. It's a dirty internecine war, just like the "old days" of the "Troubles" in Ireland of brothers fighting brothers. I hope you find peace soon, from the outside agitators.

  2. Is MiG-23ML serial 6474 not still operational?

  3. I have seen more than one Mig23 fly over Benghazi,

    One has the refuel pipe infront thing and one doesnt.