Monday, November 7, 2016

Libyan airstrikes Situation Report : 17 October - 6 November 2016

October 26 :
LNA/AF (Libya National Army Air Force) MiG-23ML destroyed two objectives of supposed terrorist groups in Ganfouda area : ammunition storage, vehicles and personnel.

October 27 :
LNA/AF Mi-35 having taken off from Labraq AB targeted a gathering of supposed terrorist groups, southwest Memorial backstabbing in Derna.

October 30 :
LNA/AF intensified air raids on supposed terrorist groups in Benghazi :
    - MiG-23 s launched an air raid on the operation room for miltants groups in the fish's market
    - helicopters carried out intensive strikes in the evening against groups in Ganfouda area,

November 2 :
GNA / BAM published infographic on LDAF combat sorties since the beginning of 2016  until 31 October :
- Airstrikes : G-2 Galeb (370), MiG-23MLD (189), Mirage F1ED (72), L-39 (851), Mi-35 (37)
- Transport / MEDEVAC : Mi-8T (390), An-32P (166)

Sraya Media , affiliated with the BRSC (Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council) released pictures of S-100 Campcopter and Wing Loong UAV belonging to UAE (or MQ-9 Reaper) performing airstrike in Ganfouda, Benghazi.

November 5 :
LNA/AF Mi-35 performed reconnaissance mission 300 km south of the red crescent area.  LNA/AF MiG-23UB serial number '8008' made its first flight at Benina AB.

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