Monday, October 17, 2016

Libyan airstrikes Situation Report : 1 - 16 October 2016

October 1 : LNA/AF (Libya National Army Air Force) launched an air raid which targeted concentrations of supposed terrorist groups behind the European Hospital area in Benghazi and performed intensive sorties in areas between Benghazi and Bin Jawad. At 22:00, a Mi-35 helicopter targeted supposed terrorist groups stationed near Balndja. The LDAF (Libya Dawn Air Force) has conducted three combat sorties in the morning and three in the afternoon in the neighborhood No.3 in Sirte.

October 2 : LDAF carried out on the morning six combat sorties in preparation for the progress of the infantry in the residential neighborhood No.3 in Sirte. A LNAF MiG-21 flying from Ras Lanuf airport has performed a "show of force" by overflying al-Jufrah airbase area.

October 9 : LNA/AF destroyed an ammunition depot  in Benghazi north of Chinese buildings near Bossnab.

October 10 : By 17:30, a Mi-35 taking off from Labraq airbase targeted several cars stationed in Borabha houses.

October 14 : LDAF carried out eight combat sorties targeting terrorists groups in Sirte

October 15 : LNA/AF helicopters performed combat sorties destroying three vehicles in the region of Ganfouda and fighter jets conducted an air strike on the seaport of Derna.

October 16 : Supposed terrorists groups, comming from Derna, fired shells on al-Labraq airbase from the neighborhoods of the city of Shahat. In retaliations, LNA AF MiG-23BN claimed to have targeted a store of ammunition in the eastern entrance of the Al-Fatayah area in Derna. This strike was in fact carried out in the Electricity Company plunging some parts of the city into darkness. No casualties were reported.


  1. A quoi correspond les ''Chinese buildings'' attaqué le 9 octobre ? Il n'y a tout de même pas de Chinatown en Libye :)

    1. Il y a bien un centre Ouagadougou à Sirte ;-)

    2. "the Chinese " or "the Chinese buildings" is just 20.000 apartment project in Benghazi, the project stooped & still unfinished.