Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Mirage F1 and Su-22 in Libyan Air Force's fleet

By the end of 2014, in al-Watiya AB, Libyan Air Force (i.e. General Haftar's Air Force) started to work to make operational former Su-22s. Ten to twelve of these Su-22Ms were stored in shelters before the uprising and escaped the destruction by NATO because they were decommissioned. In March,on the same air base, photos appeared of a Libyan Air Force Mirage F1AD started to be repaired by cannibalizing other aircrafts. Since December 1st, Libyan Air Force added two new aircrafts in its fleet, a Mirage F1AD (serial 402) and a Su-22(UM-3K) at al-Watiya.

During the Libyan uprising in 2011, most of the Libyan Air Force aircrafts were destroyed by NATO airstrikes. After the first civil war, the Free Libyan Air Force was reduced to a few former G-2 Galebs, J-21 Jastrebs, L-39s, Mig-21bis, Mig-21UMs, Mig-23MLs and 23UBs, with the adding of the two Mirage F1EDs that defected to Malta and some transport aircrafts like An-32 and C-130H in poor flying conditions.


  1. En service auprès de quel gouvernement libyen ? :)

    1. Tobrouk : Libyan Air Force (General Haftar)
      Tripoli : Fajr Libya ou Libya Dawn Air Force

  2. Très intéressant! il est possible de voir ou d'avoir ces images en plus haute résolution?