Sunday, October 18, 2015

Exclusive footage of Iraqi Army Aviation engaged near Ramadi and Baiji

The first video below was taken by the FLIR of a Bell IA-407 engaged in combat operation in Ramadi area together with Mi-28NE. The action took place precisely in Albu Faraj area near Ramadi on October 17th. Many ISIS positions were destroyed using Ataka missiles and rockets.

The second video was taken by ground troops during the combats of Baiji in October. Two helicopters flying low level engaged an ISIS position just a few seconds apart. First one is an Eurocopter EC 635 that carried an attack using its FN Herstal HMP-400 12.7 mm machine gun and launching 70 mm Hydra rockets from its FZ-233 pod. Second helicopter is a Bell IA-407 that made a low pass attack using its machine gun.

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