Monday, September 21, 2015

Iraqi pilots train in Belarus and Pakistan

On September 20th, video appeared on social media showing the training of Iraqi pilots on Belarus Su-25. Su-25 serial "82" was already seen at Minsk on May 16th, for the 35th anniversary of the 50th airbase airshow.

Right picture : © Alexandr Lazarev

According to AeroHisto sources, these pilots have completed their training in Belarus and will return to Iraq in the coming weeks. This new training session was decided in an effort to relieve increasing pressure and fatigue on current pilots who are over-solicited.

Others Iraqi pilots have started to train in Pakistan Air Force Academy (PAFA) at Risalpur before join Korea to fly on FA-50. On February 18th, 2015, President of the Senate of Pakistan announced that his country will train Iraqi military pilots. The pictures below show the selfie of one of them on board one of the 60 K-8 Karokorum in service with the College of Flying Training.

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